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Fact! The release of carbon when burning fossil fuels, both in the power generation and transport industries, is widely considered to be a contributor towards rising levels of environmental pollution. The wider use of renewables to offset this challenge is therefore of growing importance.

Fact! As a matter of urgency we are obliged to move towards a more energy sustainable regime. Limiting our reliance on Eskom as the sole supplier to the regional grid, through the use of renewable sources of energy, is the path forward. A regulatory authority that encourages and nurtures the establishment of Independent Power Providers will ensure the success of this approach.

Fact! Reducing the energy signature of the built environment is critical. From construction through to the end product the use of energy efficient techniques, materials and resources will reduce the cost of ownership and mitigate the environmental cost for future generations.

Current Projects

We are specialists in 'island' type developments where the emphasis is on creating energy and resource independent communities and business enterprises. Water harvesting and recycling along with the generation of electricity from Solar, Mini-hydro and Biomass contribute towards delivering an energy efficient building envelope which will ensure our projects achieve the lowest possible energy signature.

Environmentally friendly Decking

Consistent with our philosophy towards the environment our decking combines aesthetics with the careful use of suitable timber and an aftercare regime that minimises soil pollution.


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